Longi Solar: Hi-MO 4 new monofacial pv module

Greensun is pleased to present Hi-MO4 new monofacial pv module from 66 cells with power output of 410/420 W by Longi Solar for applications in residential, commercial, and industrial PV projects.
The new module has a power output of 410/420 W and a conversion efficiency between 20.5% and 21.0%. It has a size of 1924 x 1038 mm, a weight of 22 kg and a total surface of around 2 m2.
The width of the module is standardized, while three different length options allow the Hi-MO 4m series to maximize the photovoltaic system's installation capacity in residential rooftops.
In terms of electrical matching, the current at maximum power of the Hi-MO 4m module is lower than 11A, which is a perfect match for the various brands of string inverters, power optimizers and micro inverters available worldwide.
The product also has strong resistance to wind and snow loads.
The new product includes two more panels: a 60-cell panel with a power output of 370-385 W, a conversion efficiency ranging from 20.3% to 21.1%, with a size of 1755 x 1038 mm and a weight of 19.5 kg; and a 72-cell panel with a power output of 450-460 W, a conversion efficiency ranging from 20.7% to 21.2%, with a size of 2094 x 1038 mm and a weight of 23 kg.
All the modules of the series can be used with operating temperatures ranging from -40 C to 85 C, while the operating temperature coefficient is -0.35% per degree (Celsius).
They come with a 25-year linear power output guarantee and a 12-year product guarantee. The panel's front side is covered with 3.2 mm of coated tempered glass.
Find out more on the official website of Longi Solar.
For orders or more information contact your Greensun sales area manager or write to info@greensun.it