Who we are

In 2006, SolarEdge developed a smart inverter solution that radically changed the way energy is collected and managed in solar systems.
Since its first shipments in 2010, SolarEdge has delivered more than 4.7 gigawatts of its optimised DC-side inverter systems. SolarEdge products have been installed on solar systems in over 100 countries. SolarEdge is listed on the NASDAQ as SEDG.


Manage each solar module independently thanks to module-level DC/DC electronics

Accelerate the process towards grid parity and make clean energy accessible and widespread


Eligible for financing in Europe and North America through large banks and credit institutions operating in the solar energy sector

Listed on the NASDAQ as SEDG


Products sold in 50 countries

Sales through installers and leading distributors

Call centre available 24 hours a day

Team of local experts

Technical and sales training

Global production with top-level electronic companies



About 30 awards received from prestigious organisations, including Red Herring and Frost & Sullivan


Long-term product warranties: 25 years for power optimisers, 12 years for inverters, extendible to 20 or 25 years
Each SolarEdge product and component is subjected to rigorous testing

Products and components have been tested in accelerated ageing chambers

The reliability strategy includes specially created integrated circuits (ASIC)


The SolarEdge portfolio of products includes power optimisers, high efficiency solar inverters and a web portal for module-level monitoring and fault detection.  The SolarEdge system allows you to collect more solar energy through any photovoltaic system, definitively eliminating the limitations typical of solar energy systems.

All product certifications are available at this link.

Inverter Trivase

L’offerta estesa di inverter trifase con tecnologia synergy di SolarEdge fino a 100kW combina l’alta potenza con la facilità di installazione. L’inverter è costituito da unità primarie e unità secondarie di ridotte dimensioni, leggere e facili da trasportare. Possono essere installati a parete con estrema facilità da parte di una o due persone.

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SolarEdge's mission is to become the leading supplier of inverter solutions in all segments of the solar market and to expand the availability of clean and renewable solar energy.


Solar Edge organises numerous hands-on seminars in various cities and also offers useful webinars that can be followed from your home or office.



The SolarEdge inverter warranty can be extended to 20 or 25 years, depending on the model. The RMA process is handled quickly, with a replacement product generally being shipped within 48 hours if the reported defect is covered by warranty as indicated in the Limited Product Warranty.



Module-level performance monitoring and remote maintenance make it possible to:
  • Reduce the number of service calls for the system
  • Reduce system O&M time
  • Greater system operating time
  • Free module-level monitoring for the entire life of the system
  • Complete overview of the system in real time, accessible from anywhere
  • Easy access via web or mobile device