Greensun presents SolarWatt

Greensun has signed a distribution agreement with another major partner: SolarWatt.
Why SolarWatt?
Because it is a project dedicated to the Italian market, born from the solid foundation of SOLARWATT GmbH, a leading German company in the solar energy industry.
Because with an experience of over 20 years, this brand is actively contributing to the development and growth of solar in the complex field of renewable energy.
Greensun presenta SolarWatt

greensun presenta SolarWatt
Because as a company Solarwatt has always focused on the future: its research team has developed cutting-edge technological solutions resulting in the most innovative and competitive products in the national and international market.

Because its primary objective is to provide families with the best systems for the supply of decentralised energy, and to achieve this the company is constantly working on three concepts:
- Quality
- Reliability
- Customer service
Three concepts that are also fundamental for GreenSun.
To learn more about all the Solarwatt products please contact your local agent.

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