Tax deductions confirmed for 2018

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On 16 October the first draft of the 2018 Italian Budget Law was released, approved by the Council of Ministers and is currently under discussion in Parliament. The text contains important changes regarding the 50% tax deduction for building renovations and 65% for energy saving measures. In fact, both measures have been extended until 31 December 2018.
Note that among the measures benefiting from the tax deduction of 50% for the restructuring of residences and the common parts of apartment buildings is included the installation of rooftop solar systems for domestic electricity needs and any connected storage. Therefore the tax deduction of 50% for solar systems will continue in the same manner as in 2017.

An important new development concerns Italian apartment complexes, for which the 65% ecobonus has been stabilised until 2022. This therefore repeals the deadline of 31 December 2021.
In addition, the ecobonus has been made portable, meaning that the credit can be given to third parties in the event of work on individual units. The ecobonus could also be extended to work involving the removal of asbestos.
With regard to incentives for Italian businesses, it is likely that the super depreciation facilitating the purchase of traditional capital goods will be confirmed, but at a rate that will pass from 140% to 130%. On the other hand, for the super depreciation that promotes the purchase of machines and equipment for the digitisation of manufacturing processes, it is probable that the rate of 250% will be confirmed.
Source: SolareB2B

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