25 years of solar for Fronius

"We have been working in the solar energy industry for 25 years. There are not many companies in the industry that can say the same. Values like quality, innovation, service and cooperation have always distinguished us from our competitors", says Martin Hackl, manager of the Solar Business Unit. In the words of Elizabeth Strauß, granddaughter of Gunther Fronius, now heading the company: We like to look to the future, but as I always say: "Every future has a past", and we are very proud to be a family company.
This compan
y was founded in 1945 by my grandfather, who, having moved to Austria with his family after the Second World War, had the opportunity to repair the hydroelectric plant in Pettenbach, receiving as compensation a log cabin. This was the beginning for Fronius because at the time the lack of batteries for cars gave him a chance to employ his engineering knowledge in building battery chargers.

Thus our core competence was born: the development of technologies for the transformation of energy. In fact, a few years later, in 1950, he had the idea to use the knowledge developed to build tools for welding - quickly becoming our most important business and making Fronius well known in the market for its Perfect Welding division. Then in the 1990s, with the first difficulties in the welding industry, my uncle and my mother wondered how they could use all our knowledge: it was then that the Fronius strategy took shape in the direction of a sustainable future, and, moved by this vision, they decided to use the skills for energy transformation in the construction of inverters for solar systems.
Thus in 1992 the Solar Energy business unit was founded.
This morning I spoke with my mother about the party that will be held this evening at our booth, and we reminisced about these moments. Before saying goodbye she told me that our first inverter, the Fronius Sunrise, was installed in 1994 at her house and it still works today! 24 Hours Of Sun is our vision, the future we believe in and that we want to achieve for our children. The challenges in this area are certainly numerous and keep us committed to the development of new technologies and new solutions, and that's what we like about our work. We thank you for believing in Fronius because your commitment makes all this possible.