GreenSun Group

GreenSun Group

GreenSun srl began its business in 2008, as a company specialised in the distribution of solutions in the renewable energy sector.
Given its growth and success in the first few years, in 2010 the company's structure was expanded to include new partners. Putting new and old skills to good use, the company has continued its steady growth to the point of becoming one of the top 5 Italian players.

In 2013 the GREEN4TECH company was founded with an 85% stake owned by Greensun. It is a technical studio that develops projects, follows authorisation procedures and carries out system checks.

In 2013 commercial activity also began in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean, always in the renewable energy sector, and GREEN SUN CARIBE was established, today serving 30% of the Dominican market.

The sun: clean energy for heating water and for energy self-sufficiency. High technology for low-consumption climate control.
Greensun offers the professional skills of its technicians and consultants and sells the best technologies in terms of efficiency and quality, represented by the brands it distributes.

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