Who we are

More than 40 years of experience in the solar industry. As solar pioneers, we have over 40 years of technological experience in the field. With know-how and passion we transform this expertise into superior quality products and solutions focused on the future, tailored to each of our customers.


For years SolarWorld AG has been pursuing a targeted strategy giving it a presence in all of today's most important solar energy markets. In all the group has 11 offices worldwide.
Thanks to our presence in the most important solar energy markets we are able to react in a particularly flexible way to short-term developments and to avoid long distances for deliveries. We therefore accelerate the strategic distribution of our products worldwide.
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Year after year we have earned the trust of our international partners and customers, and we continue to earn that trust every day thanks to the range of services we are able to provide. SolarWorld is synonymous with reliability around the world.


At SolarWorld we have developed the most successful brands in the industry, and we have used them as a foundation for our intensive research and development. This is why today SolarWorld is known for having the best quality in the global market. And it is with the same pioneering spirit and the same passion that we had in the beginning that we continue to develop the quality of our products, day after day. To guarantee our customers genuine value that pays off in the long term.
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With our future-oriented system solutions we meet the highest demands of safety, durability and aesthetics made by our customers all over the world. Whether for sloped roofs, flat roofs or carports, we always have the right solution available.


SolarWorld autonomously produces the main components of its systems and guarantees their quality thanks to the most rigorous internal testing, supplemented by regular checks for safety, reliability and durability by independent verification and certification bodies. Quality is and remains the best guarantee of the long-term safety of your investment, and for this reason a SolarWorld product is the most cost-efficient long-term purchase.


Quality is measurable, and SolarWorld continually tests that of its products. Numerous independent testing institutes have repeatedly awarded SolarWorld the highest score.


Throughout the world, solar represents a source of clean energy for everyone, because in many countries the photovoltaic sector is the foundation for fair and sustainable economic development. And SolarWorld has always contributed to this goal.


In our modern research and development centre in Freiberg, our primary objectives are the improvement of products and systems under real conditions of use and the optimisation of manufacturing processes in order to reduce costs, increase efficiency and improve quality and the global security of our business processes.
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SolarWorld has different adaptable solutions in kits, customised and ready to use.
SolarWorld's range of solar modules is divided into Sunmodule Plus, Sunmodule Protect and Sunmodule Bisun, depending on the customer's needs.

All product certifications are available at this link.


From design to installation, and for the many subsequent years of the solar system's operation, the customer can rely on our specialised expertise and benefit from SolarWorld's added value.


From free system insurance to real-time performance monitoring, we offer a whole range of additional services aimed at ensuring the perfect operation of the photovoltaic system.



Thanks to our versatile product range we are able to offer solar solutions for any application. Our R&D department knows no limits - that is why by working with us today you are already ready for the future.



We offer long-term peace of mind with a linear performance power guarantee lasting 25-30 years. We also provide a warranty on the product and numerous other protections related to quality and service.