GreenSun APP

Smart, intuitive and fast, the Greensun application is the handy solution for all professionals in the photovoltaic sector.
With the Greensun APP for smartphones you can:
•find all the products selected by Greensun divided by brand and type (modules, inverters, storage, assembly structures, e-mobility);
•search for the product you are interested in by brand or on the basis of technical characteristics such as type or power;
•have instant access, with a single tap, to constantly updated data sheets and certificates for each product;
•have real-time access to all industry information, such as the release of new products and technological innovations;
•stay informed about regulations, notices, concessions and incentives;
•register for courses, seminars and webinars to increase your professionalism;
•stay informed about new updates through push notifications;
•use your USER AREA to access communications reserved for you, constantly updated price lists and promotions and to collect useful documents such as regulations, conditions of sale, transport and much more
•request technical, commercial, administrative or logistic information quickly and easily through the SOS AREA.
Designed for installers, retailers and designers to have all the solutions they need to assert their professionalism at their fingertips, anywhere and at any time.
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